With a curriculum closely related to the four pillar industries (finance, trading and logistics, professional service, and tourism) in HK, SEEM program keeps the graduates very competitive in the job market. After graduation, some students of the program have joined leading firms like AIA, Bank of China, Cathy Pacific Airways, FedEx, HSBC, IBM, PCCW, The Hong Kong SAR Government, and so on.

SEEM program graduates will be ideally suited for positions requiring strong engineering background (in technologies like AI and in mathematics like mathematical modeling) and a comprehensive understanding of the business management environment. Our graduates are very competitive for jobs such as

  • Asset and wealth management (e.g., data-driven investment strategy design)
  • Information Technology consulting (e.g., provide guidance on technology to companies to meet their business demands)
  • IT Companies or IT service roles in banking or e-commerce companies (e.g., develop, support, manage, or maintain the IT system in these companies)
  • Supply chain system management in e-commerce (e.g., use data analytics to predict the demand and hence determine the inventory level)
  • Dynamic pricing for a broad class of industries (e.g., real-time pricing for flight tickets by incorporating customer behaviors)
  • Healthcare systems management (e.g., appointment scheduling for surgeries)
  • Operational analyst for logistics companies (e.g., using optimization models to improve the operations in logistics systems, such as route planning and scheduling)