Prof. Tsan-Ming Choi (Jason) (SEEM ALUMNI)
Chan Chun Yin Johnny (SEEM ALUMNI)
Cho Chok Him, Him Sir (SEEM ALUMNI)
Prof. Zhang Huanan (SEEM ALUMNI)
Stanley Ying (SEEM ALUMNI)
Prof. Tsan-Ming Choi Jason
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 1997 (B.Eng), 2002 (Ph.D.).


Current Status: Yushan Fellow and Professor, Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration, College of Management, National Taiwan University


Time flies, and I am very happy to see that my “mother department” SEEM has stepped into its 30th anniversary! I received my B.Eng., M.Phil. and Ph.D. all from SEEM (1993-2002). During my Ph.D. study, with the support of my advisors Prof. Duan Li and Prof. Houmin Yan, I received the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships twice, obtained research paper awards from ACM(HK) and IEE(HK), served as a consultant in e-jing technologies, and participated in the Asia Technology Initiative (ATI) and smart home project at Stanford University. From 2001 to 2004, I also served as an instructor and then an assistant professor at SEEM. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that SEEM granted me. The education experience was world-class and SEEM is always in my heart.

After leaving SEEM, I had taught at PolyU for 17 years, where I was a recipient of the prestigious President’s Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement. In winter 2021, upon invitation, I joined National Taiwan University’s business school as a Yushan Fellow and Professor. I am currently serving the profession as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Research Part E, Department Editor of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Senior Editor of Production and Operations Management, and Associate Editor of Decision Sciences, etc. I am also a member of the engineering panel in the Research Grants Council (HK).

Benson Ng
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 1996


Current Status: Ernst & Young, Hong Kong Business Consulting Leader


I lead EY’s business transformation consulting for Hong Kong to help clients build a better working world by realizing transformations through the power of people, technology, and innovation.  My SEEM undergraduate and postgraduate experience back in 1992-8 was inspiring and highly enjoyable, especially the collaboration experience with professors and colleagues during projects. In retrospect, the SEEM programme helped me build the ability and confidence to tackle disruptive problems through research, and a broad exposure across multiple engineering disciplines from computer engineering, and electronic engineering to industrial engineering.  Both are key to my consulting career in helping clients with digital transformations.
Chan Chun Yin Johnny
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 2012


Current Status: Senior Developer at Alibaba UK


Currently, I am working in London as a senior developer at Alibaba UK. I am responsible for part of the Alipay B2B transaction functionalities.

After graduating from SEEM in 2012, I worked in different places, such as Hong Kong, mainland China, Germany, and the UK. My IT skills have provided me with great mobility to work around the globe. I am grateful for the training provided by SEEM, which helped me build a solid foundation for my IT career. Even though I have graduated 10 years, I still use the IT knowledge I learned from SEEM in my daily work.

I am glad that I put SEEM as my first choice in JUPAS. Without my SEEM background, I would not be in the place where I am now. Happy 30th Anniversary, SEEM!


Cho Chok Him, Him Sir
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 1999


Current Status: Founder and Director of Andrew Found Limited


I am the Founder and Director of Andrew Found Limited, a recruitment agency specializing in IT talents sourcing. The SEEM program has grown me as an all-rounder in the dynamic world nowadays. I am grateful for the technical know-how and business acumen provided by SEEM, which are the foundation to become a professional in the IT and the business world.

BU Qianqian
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 2018


Current Status: Associate at Goldman Sachs


It was a great experience for me to study at SEEM. The programme designed a wide range of subjects for undergraduate students to learn. The department also provided resources that helped students with their academic and career development.

After graduating from SEEM in 2018, I joined the Securities Lending Technology team at Goldman Sachs. I work in a dynamic trading environment in the front office, and my job is to design and build technical solutions for the securities lending business.

The training provided by the SEEM programme not only helped me gain knowledge in finance, mathematics, and computer science but also improved my problem-solving and analytical skills. These skills allowed me to quickly adapt to the job and perform my duties at the start of my career.

I hope you all enjoy your time at SEEM.

Prof. Zhang Huanan
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 2012


Current Status: University of Colorado Boulder, Assistant Professor


I am Huanan Zhang, currently an Assistant Professor at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. The four-year undergraduate study at SEEM was a wonderful journey for me. I gained a solid foundation for my career development and the faculty members in SEEM were extremely helpful in my graduate application. I am grateful for all the knowledge I learned and all the help I received from here. I hope SEEM continues to be the home for the next-generation engineers, scholars, and entrepreneurs in the next 30 years.


Stanley Ying
SEEM Alumni Testimonial

Graduation year: 2019


Current Status: CAIA, FRM, APAC Business Development in Moonfare Private Equity


I am proud to have chosen SEEM as my major. The programme features an excellent balance between technology and commerce. In this era where technology is becoming increasingly relevant in everyday business, SEEM offers students valuable insights into information systems, data analytics, and investment science. Indeed, knowledge in these areas has helped me succeed in my current role as a Business Development Associate in a fast-growing European FinTech firm, where I am responsible for looking after our high-net-worth clients, and strategizing and assisting the company’s expansion in Asia. In this fast-changing environment, the ability to grasp and apply new business and technology concepts swiftly is a strong edge, and the training I received from SEEM has laid a solid foundation for my entrepreneurial career.