Department Chairman
Prof. LAM, Wai
Text Mining and Machine Learning, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Academic Staff List
Prof. CHENG, Hong
Graph Mining and Query Processing, Social Network Analysis, Data Mining for Software Reliability
Prof. AHN, Dohyun
Quantitative risk management using optimization and stochastic models, Monte Carlo simulation methodologies, Networks in finance and operations
Prof. CHAN, Chun Kwong
Prof. CHEN, Nan
Financial Engineering, Monte Carlo Simulation, Applied Probability
Prof. GAO, Xuefeng
Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, Queueing Theory, Algorithmic Trading and Financial Engineering
Prof. He, Xuedong
Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Selection, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Stochastic Analysis, Stochastic Optimal Control
Dr. HO, Sin Cheung
Bike sharing, Vehicle routing, Transportation, Logistics, Metaheuristics
Prof. LI, Lingfei
Financial Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Finance, Applied Probability and Stochastic Modeling
Prof. LIU, Xunying
Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Language Modelling, Speech Synthesis, Speech and Language Processing
Prof. LONG, Zhuoyu, Daniel
Supply chain risk management, Project management, Inventory control, Target-based risk management, Robust optimization
Prof. MENG, Mei-Ling, Helen
Multilingual Speech and Language Processing, Multibiometric Authentication, Multimedia Content Retrieval, Multimodal Human-Computer Interactions
Dr. NG, Chi-Kong
Global Optimization, Nonlinear Integer Programming , Discrete-time Optimal Control, Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management
Prof. SO, Man-Cho, Anthony
Algorithm Design, Optimization
Dr. TSANG, Ho Tak, Patrick
Applied Operations Research, Data Analysis, Operations
Prof. WAI, Hoi To
Optimization Algorithms, Signal Processing on Graphs, Graph Topology Inference, Data Analytics
Prof. WANG, Sibo
Graph Data Management, Graph Data Analysis, Indexing and Query Processing, Approximate Algorithms
Prof. WONG, Kam Fai
Chinese Information processing, Databases, Information Retrieval
Prof. XU, Huifu
Robust optimization, Risk analytics, Stochastic programming, Data-driven optimization, Optimization in energy and finance
Prof. YANG, Chen
Financial Technology, Mathematical Finance
Prof. YU, Xu, Jeffrey
Graph Database and Query Processing, Graph Mining, Keyword Search in Databases, Social Networks, Big Data and Cloud Computing