Can SEEM students transfer to the FinTech programme?
SEEM students can apply for major transfer to the FinTech programme at the end of their first year. Students with excellent academic performance will be guaranteed a place in the FinTech programme.
Does your program accept major transfers?

Yes, but places are limited. We look for students with good GPAs and their previous academic background should be similar to the foundation training for SEEM.

Does your program provide a dual-degree option?

It is possible to pursue a second degree in Integrated Business Administration in our program. Please refer to https://www.erg.cuhk.edu.hk/erg/ergbba for more detail.

Does your program provide internship opportunities?

We encourage students to go on an internship, which can greatly benefit their study and career development. For examples of internships and the PIP scheme, please refer to https://seem.se.cuhk.edu.hk/programme/#internships.

Does your program provide opportunities for exchange overseas?

There are various exchange programs organized by CUHK OAL, Faculty of Engineering and Colleges. Students are encouraged to consider these opportunities to find the most suitable program. To transfer credits, students can take courses on par with our courses during the exchange. Examples of overseas exchanges can be found from https://seem.se.cuhk.edu.hk/programme/#overseas-exchange .

What are the admission requirements for sub-degree students?

We welcome sub-degree applicants. Their previous training should be related to engineering or technology or data science or a business discipline (e.g., finance, logistics, information systems). Sub-degree applicants can consider applying for senior-year admission or first-year admission.

What are the admission requirements of your program?
What are the differences between SEEM and computer science (CS)?

(1) Similar to CS, SEEM also teaches technologies, but the focus is on information systems, big data analytics, and machine learning. (2) SEEM students not only receive technology training but are also equipped with domain knowledge in different industries (e.g., finance, service, logistics) and management skills. The interdisciplinary training would enable our graduates to work on both the technology and the business side.

What are the potential career opportunities for graduates from your program?

This program provides students with rigorous training in both technological skills and business domain knowledge. Our graduates are sought after by a variety of industries. Please refer to https://seem.se.cuhk.edu.hk/career-prospect/ for career prospects.

Will applicants be interviewed for admissions?

Both JUPAS and Non-JUPAS applicants will be shortlisted for interview.