AIST3510/ SEEM3510

CodeCourse OfferingAIST3510/ SEEM3510
TitleLong Course TitleHuman-computer Interaction人機互動
OverviewLong Description This course provides an introduction to the fast evolving field of human computer interaction (HCI). HCI is a multidisciplinary subject concerning the design, implemen-tation and evaluation of interactive computing systems for human use, and the study of major phenomena surrounding them. We will provide a broad overview of the field, including the theory and principles underlying good designs, with an emphasis on the interface design process, development and evaluation. We will also sample some state-of-the-art technologies in HCI, such as speech recognition, haptics, virtual reality, software agents and computer supported cooperative work.人機互動設計的基礎,包括人類處理信息的模型及其理論、智能介面的設計方法、步驟及評估之方法。人機互動的要素:佈局、顯示、規約、對話、程序及誤差的處理。應用於人機互動的新科技:語音識別、觸感合成、虛擬真實、軟件代理、群體軟件等。