CSCI2100/ ESTR2102

CodeCourse OfferingCSCI2100/ ESTR2102
TitleLong Course TitleData Structures數據結構
OverviewLong Description This course introduces the concept of abstract data types and the advantages of data abstraction. Various commonly used abstract data types including vector, list, stack, queue, tree, and set and their implementations using different data structures (array, pointer based structures, linked list, 2-3 tree, B-tree, etc.) will be discussed. Sample applications such as searching, sorting, etc., will also be used to illustrate the use of data abstraction in computer programming. Analysis of the performance of searching and sorting algorithms. Application of data structure principles.本科介紹抽象數據類型之概念及數據抽象化的優點。並討論多種常用的抽象數據類型,包括向量、表格、堆棧、隊列、樹形;集(合)和利用不同的數據結構(例如:陣列、指示字為基的結構、連接表、2-3 樹形、B 樹形等)作出的實踐。更以實例(例如:檢索、排序等)來說明數據抽象化在計算機程序設計上的應用。並討論檢索與排序算法及數據結構之應用。