ENGG1110/ ESTR1002

CodeCourse OfferingENGG1110/ ESTR1002
TitleLong Course TitleProblem Solving By Programming應用程式設計
OverviewLong Description This is a computer-programming course to equip students with software knowledge and skills to solve engineering problems.  Students will learn fundamental programming concepts in C, such as data representation and variables, operators and expressions, flow-control statements, functions, arrays, structures, pointer basics, input/ output handling, etc.  In addition to lectures and e-learning, students will work in labs to practise solving problems and complete an engineering software project.  The course will cover various problem solving methods such as incremental development, divide-and-conquer, debugging technique, finite-state machine, etc.  Through practices, students will acquire skills to define problems and specifications, to perform modelling and simulation, to develop software system prototypes, to carry out verification, validation, and performance analysis.本科為計算機編程課程,為學生提供解決工程問題的軟件知識和技能。學生將學習C語言中的基本編程概念,例如數據表示和變量,運算符和表達式,流程控制語句,函式,數組,結構,指針基礎知識,輸入/輸出處理等。除了講課和線上學習,學生將在計算實驗室實習解決問題,並完成一工程軟件項目。此科將涵蓋各種問題解決方法,如增量開發,分而治之,調試技術,有限狀態機等。通過實踐,學生將獲得多種技能,包括:議題及草擬規格、進行建模和模擬、開發軟件系統原型、進行核實、驗證和性能分析。