ENGG1120/ ESTR1005

CodeCourse OfferingENGG1120/ ESTR1005
TitleLong Course TitleLinear Algebra for Engineers線性代數及其工程應用
OverviewLong Description This course aims at introducing students to the fundamental concepts and methods in linear algebra, which are key to many fields of engineering. Topics include systems of linear equations, Gauss elimination, matrix factorization, matrices and their operations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization, vector space, the Gram-Schmidt process, and linear transformation.            本科教授線性代數的基本概念與方法,以及其在工程上的應用。內容包括:線性方程組、高斯消去法、矩陣分解、矩陣及其運算、行列式、特徵值及特徵向量、對角化、向量空間、格拉姆–施密特正交化和線性變換。