ENGG1310/ ESTR1003

CodeCourse OfferingENGG1310/ ESTR1003
TitleLong Course TitleEngineering Physics: Electromagnetics, Optics and Modern Physics工程物理: 電磁學、光學及近代物理
OverviewLong Description This is an introductory calculus-based engineering physics course covering topics in electromagnetics, optics and modern physics. Topics in electromagnetics include: electric and magnetic properties, Coulomb’s law, Gauss’ law, electromagnetic energy and forces, Biot-Savart law, electromagnetic fields and Maxwell’s equations, propagation of plane electromagnetic waves. Topics in optics include: optical interference, interferometers, optical diffraction. Topics in modern physics include: wave-particle duality, momentum and energy of photons and electrons, electronic states and energy bands, electrical conduction in metals and semiconductors.  Contents will be supplemented by discussions on applications relevant to engineering.本科是工程物理的基礎學科,當中運用到微積分教學。本科涵括電磁學、光學和近代物理。電磁學的內容包括:電和磁的特性、庫倫定律、高斯定律、電磁的能量和力、畢奧─薩代爾定律、電磁場和麥克斯韋方程組,平面波傳播。光學的內容包括:光干擾、干擾儀、光繞射。近代物理的內容包括:波粒二象性、光子和電子的動量與能量、電子態與能帶、金屬和半導體的電導。科目內容將輔以物理知識在工程學上之應用。