ENGG2760/ ESTR2018

CodeCourse OfferingENGG2760/ ESTR2018
TitleLong Course TitleProbability for Engineers概率及其工程應用
OverviewLong Description A first course in the fundamentals of probability theory and their applications in engineering. Topics include sample space and events, counting, axioms of probability, conditional probability, independence of events, discrete and continuous distributions, random variables, joint distributions, and limit theorems.本科教授概率論基礎及其在不同工程領域上的應用。內容包括:樣本空間與隨機事件、計數法則、概率公理、條件概率、獨立事件、離散與連續分佈、隨機變量、聯合分佈和極限定理。