CodeCourse OfferingFTEC4005
TitleLong Course TitleFinancial Informatics金融信息學
OverviewLong Description This course introduces basic concepts, models, techniques, and applications on financial data analytics. Topics include processing and analytical techniques for data streams; processing and searching high-dimensional data; big graph analysis; Web mining; recommendation systems for Web applications. The applications may involve financial data processing and analysis, time series, portfolio management, social networks, recommender systems, and so on.本課程介紹了有關金融數據分析的基本概念、模型、技術和應用。主要問題包括:數據流的處理與分析;高維數據的處理與查詢;大規模圖數據分析;網絡挖掘;面向網絡應用的推薦系統。相關應用包括:金融數據處理與分析,時間序列、組合資產管理,社交網絡,推薦系統等。