CodeCourse OfferingMKTG2010
TitleLong Course TitleMarketing Management市場管理
OverviewLong Description This course is devoted to the study of the management of marketing functions, the analysis of external forces affecting marketing decision making, the implementation and control of marketing activities, and an examination of the global impact of marketing. Course objectives include the development of students’ understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying the selection and assessment of markets and the development and delivery of products, an investigation of the role and contribution of marketing to the conduct of successful business operation and to society, and to develop student abilities in identifying marketing opportunities and viable marketing strategies.本科旨在研究市場管理之功能,分析環球和宏觀市場因素,在推動及控制市場策略時的互維關係。其目的在培育學生明白及掌握基本市場學理論、發展和營銷商品概念,探討如何因應市場不同的環境,作出評估及選擇適當的市場策略,為企業和社會創造雙嬴的結果,並發展學生的思維及分析才能,發掘市場機會及制訂可行的市場方案。