CodeCourse OfferingPHYS1003
TitleLong Course TitleGeneral Physics for Engineers工科普通物理
OverviewLong Description This non-calculus-based course covers some essential concepts in mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism.  It is designed for engineering students to get an overview on what physics is about.  Selected topics include: Newton’s laws of motion, Archimedes’ principle, fluid flow, temperature and heat, laws of thermodynamics, electric field and potential, current and circuits, and electromagnetic waves.  The course is suitable for Engineering students without HKDSE physics or Combined Science with a physics component, or with permission of instructor.本科涵蓋力學、熱學、電磁學的基礎概念,不涉及利用微積分。本科旨在為工科學生概述物理這門學科。內容包括:牛頓運動定律、阿基米德原理、流體流動、溫度與熱、熱力學定律、電場與電勢、電流與電路和電磁波。本科適合未曾修讀中學物理或組合科學(包括物理)的工科學生,或得到導師許可的學生修讀。