CodeCourse OfferingPHYS1110
TitleLong Course TitleEngineering Physics: Mechanics and Thermodynamics工程物理:力學及熱力學
OverviewLong Description This is an introductory calculus-based engineering physics course covering topics in mechanics and thermodynamics.  Topics include:  Use of vectors in mechanics, force and motion, free-body diagrams, work and energy, potential energy and conservation of energy, momentum and impulse, torque, essential ideas in rotation, equilibrium, gravitation, ideal fluids, oscillations, waves and sound, elementary concepts of thermodynamics and heat transfer mechanisms.  Contents will be supplemented by discussions on applications relevant to engineering.  The course is suitable for Engineering students with HKDSE physics or Combined Science with a physics component, or with permission of instructor.本科介紹工程物理的力學和熱力學,當中利用到微積分。內容包括:矢量在力學之應用、力與運動、隔離體圖、功與能量、位能與能量守恆、動量與衝量、力矩、轉動的基礎概念、平衡、引力、理想流體、振動、波動及聲音、熱力學和熱傳遞機制的基本概念。課堂亦附以與工程學應用相關的討論作補充和說明。本科適合修畢中學物理或組合科學(包括物理)的工程學生修讀 ,或經授課教師批准。