SEEM2460/ ESTR2540

CodeCourse OfferingSEEM2460/ ESTR2540
TitleLong Course TitleIntroduction to Data Science數據科學化基礎
OverviewLong Description This course presents an introductory roadmap into the newly emerged and rapidly evolving field of data science, with the objective of introducing the problem-solving mindset in a data-intensive context. The course projects data science as a productive synthesis of its parent disciplines, including mathematics, statistics, computing, data mining, system science and data visualization, etc.  Such a productive synthesis is applicable across many fields to bring about scientific discovery through data-intensive, analytical methods.  This course aims to help navigate students in taking more advanced courses in its parent disciplines to build up their expertise in data science.  We cover topics including: History and impact of Data Science. Collecting Data: sources, types and categorization of data. Visualising Data: summary statistics, data display, data dictionaries, schema and graphical visualization. Analysing Data: pattern recognition, correlations and relationships, hypotheses testing, statistical significance. Investigating Data: data mining, machine learning, inference, meta-data, modeling, eliciting meaning and validation. Applicational contexts: Examples of useful applications from case studies.這科提供基礎藍圖幫助學習數據科學化,這是嶄新及急速發展的領域,目的是學習利用科學化的方法及分析大量數據來輔助解決實用問題,訓練學生具備相關的思維。 數據科學化牽涉各學科包括數學、統計、電子計算、數據挖掘、系統科學及數據視覺化。   它可應用於各領域,透過處理及分析數據來支持科學探索與發現。這科也可增加學生對相關學科的認識,幫助他們日後修讀更深入的科目,擁有數據科學化的專業技術。 科目範圍包括: 數據科學化的歷史及影響,數據採集: 來源、種類、範疇,數據視覺化: 數據顯示、數據字典,數據架構與圖像化,數據分析:模式識別、相關性、關聯性,假設檢驗、統計顯著性測試,數據研究:數據挖掘、機器學習、推理,元數據設計,數據模型,含義抽取及驗證,實用個案及應用。