SEEM3450/ ESTR3502

CodeCourse OfferingSEEM3450/ ESTR3502
TitleLong Course TitleEngineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship工程創新和企業開發
OverviewLong Description Factors that drive continuous creative product innovation. Study of processes of creating, assessing and pursuing product opportunities. Evaluation of new product ideas and risk assessment of commercialization. Product development strategies in industrial marketing. Understanding the behaviour of buyer. Formulation and implementation of innovative marketing strategy and business plan.延續產品創新之動機要素。創新、評核及尋求產品機會之過程研究。新產品概念之評審及商品化之風險評估。工業市場的產品開發策略。買方行為探討。創新市場策略之釐訂及實施和商業計劃。