CodeCourse OfferingSEEM3490
TitleLong Course TitleInformation Systems Management資訊系統管理
OverviewLong Description In-depth discussion of the challenges, techniques and technologies associated with the management of IT in a competitive environment. The linkage of IT to business strategy and business process re-engineering. Type of information systems: MIS, DSS, TPS. Development process. Information system planning. Systems project management and control. IT acquisition, budgeting and deployment. Performance evaluation and auditing. Operations management. Privacy and security.深入討論在現今激烈競爭下的資訊管理的挑戰、方法和技術。聯繫資訊管理和商業競爭策略以及再工程。資訊系統:DSS , MIS , TPS 。資訊系統的計劃,研究過程及管理。資訊系統的預算及分佈。效績評估和審核。運作管理。私隱權利和保安