CodeCourse OfferingSEEM3500
TitleLong Course TitleQuality Control and Management品質控制與管理
OverviewLong Description Quality planning, control and improvement. Sampling theory. Statistical quality control theory applied to production operations. Specification and control charts for monitoring production systems. Quality engineering – the Taguchi Method. Quality control issues of manufacturing and service industry. Case studies of quality control problems in industry. Use of computer aids. Introduction to ISO 9000.品質管理、控制與改進。採樣理論。生產運行中的統計品質控制理論。生產系統之監控規範和控制圖表。品質工程 - Taguchi 方法。製造和服務行業中的品質控制問題。工業品質控制問題之有關個案分析。計算機輔助工具之使用。ISO 9000導論。