CodeCourse OfferingSEEM4630
TitleLong Course TitleE-Commerce Data Mining電子商務數據採集和分析
OverviewLong Description This course introduces data mining techniques suitable for E-Commerce applications. It covers the following topics: prediction, association rule mining, rule induction, trend and deviation analysis, pattern visualization and data mining packages. Emphasis will be placed on employing these techniques to marketing, risk management, business negotiation and commercial applications.本科介紹應用在電子商務的數據採集技術和分析。範圍包括推測法、關係常規搜集、常規推斷、趨勢及偏離分析、規律可視化及數據採集工具。本科集中討論應用上述技術在市場學、風險管理、商業談判及各商業上的問題。