SEEM4750/ ESTR4510

CodeCourse OfferingSEEM4750/ ESTR4510
TitleLong Course TitleAdvances in Logistics and Supply Chain Management高級物流與供應鏈管理
OverviewLong Description This course covers the advanced topics in logistics and supply chain management. In particular, it uses comprehensive models to describe, and hence explore the optimal strategies in, various important logistics and supply chain management problems. The topics include customer service, channels of distribution, transportation, vehicle routing and scheduling, freight consolidation, facility location and network planning, storage. This course also introduces important practice in logistics and supply chain management, such as material handling systems, information systems for order processing and inventory tracking, purchasing and supply scheduling, business process re-engineering, third-party logistics, and global logistics.本科涵蓋了一系列物流與供應鏈管理的進階課題。具體而言,我們利用比較嚴謹的模型來描述一系列物流與供應鏈管理中的重要問題,並發掘其最優控制策略。主題包括顧客服務,分銷渠道,交通,車輛路徑規劃,並貨,設施選址及網絡規劃,存儲。本科同時也會介紹在物流與供應鏈業界中的重要實踐,例如原料處理系統,信息系統,採購及供應規劃,第三方物流,全球物流等等。