Study Schemes

(Study Schemes – English)

Programme Title:           Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM)
Study Scheme Applicable to students admitted in 2022-23

Major Programme Requirement
Students are required to complete a minimum of 75 units of courses as follows:
1.Faculty Package:

ENGG1110/ESTR1002, ENGG1120/ ESTR1005, ENGG1130 /ESTR1006
2.Foundation Courses (all courses in group (a), one course from group (b), and one course from group (c) are required):

(a) ENGG2440/ESTR2004, ENGG2760/ESTR2018, ENGG2780/ESTR2020, MATH1510, SEEM2440/ESTR2500

(b) Programming Courses:
CSCI1120/ESTR1100, CSCI1130/ESTR1102

(c) Other Courses:
ENGG1310/ESTR1003, ENGG2720/ESTR2014, ENGG2740/ESTR2016, PHYS1003, PHYS1110, SEEM2460/ESTR2540
3.Required Courses:
(a) CSCI2040, CSCI2100/ESTR2102, SEEM2420, SEEM2602, SEEM3410, SEEM3440/ESTR3500, SEEM3450/ESTR3502, SEEM3550/ESTR3506, SEEM3650/ESTR351624
(b) Research Component Courses:
SEEM4998, SEEM4999

4Elective Courses:
AIST3510/SEEM3510, CSCI4140, ENGG1820, FTEC4001, FTEC4002, FTEC4005, FTEC4007, IERG4210, MKTG2010, SEEM2520, SEEM3430, SEEM3460/ESTR3504, SEEM3490, SEEM3500, SEEM3580, SEEM3590/ESTR3509, SEEM3620/ESTR3514, SEEM3630/ESTR3510, SEEM3680/ESTR3512, SEEM4540, SEEM4570, SEEM4630, SEEM4670, SEEM4720/ESTR4506, SEEM4730/ESTR4508, SEEM4750/ESTR4510, SEEM4760/ESTR4512
Total: 75